Empowerment of Women:

Today, in the rapidly changing industrial scenario, women are shouldering equal or higher responsibilities in improving the family financial conditions than men in the society by utilizing the equal opportunities provided by the industry.

It is moral, social and constitutional responsibility of every Indian citizen to ensure equal rights, opportunities and progress of women.

As a social responsibility of promoting Women Empowerment, to support educated women to become independent in spirit, in thought, in action and have full control over their lives, Mudra HR, has committed to establishing a separate division “Mudra Women Staffing Services”, especially to generate maximum number of employment opportunities for educated women.

Mudra HR has been inspired by the popular UNESCO slogan cited below:

“Educate a man and you educate an individual; educate a woman and you educate a family.”

Similarly, it is our considered opinion that,

“Employ a man and you pay an individual; Employ a woman and you pay a family.”

We hope that our long journey of 20 years of service to the industry in talent management and corporate relations will help us in achieving our objective of generating more or equal employment opportunities for women.

Women Professionals are advised to utilize our services and empower themselves with equal participation in corporate/industry.

Advice to Candidates:

Based on our experience in recruitment and In the present employment scenario where commercialization of recruitment is rampant, as illustrated by various job portals, we advise candidates to be cautious as careers are lifelong endeavours!. One should plan diligently by researching the industry and organizations within with rigour and attention to detail, without being unduly influenced by external sources. All decisions pertaining to careers must be carefully thought out and every opportunity evaluated carefully against objective criteria.

We have come across several cases wherein candidates have inadvertently selected inappropriate methods to secure jobs through dubious sources and thereby land up in undesirable situations resulting in disastrous consequences for their careers.

It is disheartening to notice that some candidates are ready to pay thousands of rupees to secure jobs through unprofessional methods, who do not believe the right HR firms who run the business with ethics and systems

Hence, to avoid such unfortunate situations, we strongly advise candidates to position their careers in the right direction :

  • Try to obtain complete information and awareness about reputed placement consultants and organizations who provide service to well known organizations .
  • Respect the systems and procedures of firms that are working for the betterment of the society .
  • Understand that they are not charity organizations..
  • Accept the fact that you will not lose by paying a nominal registration amount towards getting enrolled and associated with a placement consulting agency of repute.
  • Choose a good consultant as your guide in your career endeavours and not just as employment provider.
  • Realize, that the placement agencies function primarily to meet the expectations and requirements of the industry and not necessarily as per the individual expectations.
  • Understand that placement agencies are only facilitators playing the role of finding and presenting talent profiles to potential employers and that they are not the selection authorities or employment/job providers.
  • Accept the reality that the suitability of talent plays a major role in the selection process and not money.

“You are the creator of your own destiny” – Swami Vivekananda

How we Serve You:

It is our considered opinion that after the medical profession, Human Resource Management is one of the very few professions that creates an opportunity to serve people and influences future growth potential of individuals.

As an HR advisory firm , our single-minded objective of choosing to provide focused Talent Management Services to the Indian Industry solely revolves around our aim of generating increasing and better employment opportunities to Indian talent, thereby improving living standards and quality of life . Hence, we hereby pledge to serve both the professionals and the industry by practicing right HR values and by offering services par excellence.

It is essential to enroll and register yourself with us as the first step, to ensure that we only deal with professionals who are serious about their careers. This helps both the job seekers and we establish credibility with potential employers in the industry. At the same time, it helps us deliver excellence in service to both our clients and professional talent seeking suitable openings in the industry.

In our quest to serve only professionals who are serious about their careers, we will charge a nominal one-time membership fee that will be valid for two years . As part of our service offering, Once a candidate registers himself / herself with our organization according to procedure explained in services page , we offer advisory and counsel ling services while guiding the professionals through evaluation of the various available options and in making the right career choice.

As the custodians of enrolled professional members’ profiles, it is our moral responsibility to protect a member’s privacy and confidentiality. We will only share members’ profiles when appropriate and suitable opportunities present themselves and only after the member’s consent. We will not share any data with any third party, except with potential employers, and that too only after obtaining written consent from the candidate.

In our drive for service excellence, we will strive to uphold the highest standards of professionalism; we aim to be the partner of choice for potential employers and for professionals seeking to enhance their careers.

Candidates need to understand that mere registration on our site is not a guarantee of an employment opportunity or even an opportunity for an interview.

Job vacancies fluctuate depending on several external variable factors such as national/international economic conditions, demographic factors etc., However, we will alert all our registered members to suitable opportunities as and when they arise. We have a large and distinguished clientele of high quality organizations who always reach out to us for their talent requirements.

Our endeavour shall always be to bring the right talent and opportunity together at the right place and the right time.

Our Services and fee details are available in the Services page

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

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Dear Professionals,

As we have already explained the entire system and functioning of Mudra HR Group through website, at present, we have not provided any provision for direct enquiries. At first, we request you to go through the website and have a thorough understanding of the organization and services offered by Mudra HR and then take a decision on planning of your career. As our services are customized and focused, Mudra HR team will directly contact the candidates concerned to understand their career goals and corresponding capabilities, only after completion of the registration formalities.

With over two decades of satisfactory service to the Industry and People at large, Mudra HR has built its own brand identity and image in the field of Talent Management Services. In order to continue to enhance its reputation and brand image, Mudra HR strongly believes in continual improvement of HR practices and periodically modifies the management systems, practices and procedures with a view to keeping in tune with the modern thinking. We advise candidates desirous of planning their career growth to follow the systematic and professional approach laid down by us for availing themselves of our right advice and infallible support.

We welcome only the select professionals who are serious about planning their professional career and those who have a thorough understanding of the role of a placement agency.

Best Wishes,
Mudra HR Group