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Acquiring and absorbing the right talent into an organization is far more critical than procuring and operating machines. Selection of people is one of the toughest challenges especially in the present era of open economy where the tools of  information technology play an equally important role as the human brain.

The two decades of our professional journey in the Indian industry,  has given us an opportunity to associate with and gain expert knowledge of various industries such as:

Airlines, Agro tech, Automobile, Cements, Infra structure, Ceramic Tiles, Steel, Paints and other Building materials, Electronics, Consumer durables, IT and ITES, Telecommunications, Machine building, Heavy Engineering and Fabrication (including heavy Boilers manufacturing), Bottling, Food & Beverage, Breweries, Retail Industry, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Bio Tech, Pharmaceuticals (Formulations and Bulk Drugs), Spinning and Textiles, POWER and Energy, Banking and Insurance etc. as well as many other green field projects.

With these two decade’s of experience and expertise in Talent management, we have established our own internal online data bank  for meeting the major talent  needs of our clients. We do not depend on any social networking sites or other job portals. Building this data bank is a continuous ongoing process that is part of our day to day functioning.  Mudra HR has built excellent professional relations with its clients across industries and is well equipped to reach its  objectively rapid In addition, The senior management team of Mudra HR possesses sound knowledge on the status of Indian industry today in terms of  its functioning, implementation of  HR Standards and practices, various corporate  selection methods, culture and atmosphere, compensation and benefits structures and maintenance of other welfare standards. In totality we are fully aware of Indian Industry and have sufficient  knowledge to drive the goals and objectives in a timely manner.

Indian Industry Today:

India is growing and it has a vibrant private sector. Being an emerging economy, India has witnessed unprecedented levels of economic expansion, along with countries like China, Russia, Mexico and Brazil, Having been operating in a cost effective and labour-intensive economy, the Indian industry has benefited immensely from outsourcing of work from developed countries, coupled with its own strong manufacturing and export oriented industrial framework.

Some Industrial Facts:

  • Around 100 Indian companies have market capital of US $ 1bn.
  • Nearly 1,000 Indian companies have received foreign institutional investment.
  • Nearly 125 fortune 500 companies have R&D bases in India.
  • Around 400 Fortune 500 companies have outsourced software development to India.
  • Technology usage has improved dramatically in India in the last 20 years, since the advent of economic liberalization.

Although advancement in technology has embraced many business & personal applications, its role in the HR recruitment and selection process is very limited. Selection of appropriate talent calls for human intervention wherein HRM expertise seamlessly blends with professional knowledge, skills and judgment.

In pursuit of professional excellence, we strive to provide effective and improved service support to our clients through our expertise and professional practices, whereby we shoulder the responsibilities and offload the work burden of our clients.

With our rich experience, our success rate in talent selection has consistently been above 90% on…  Reference can be provided on request.

It is our considered opinion that after the medical profession, Human Resource Management is one of the very few professions that creates an opportunity to serve people and influences future growth potential of individuals.

As an HR advisory firm, our single-minded objective of choosing to provide focused Talent Management Services to the Indian Industry solely revolves around our aim of generating increasing and better employment opportunities to  Indian talent, thereby improving living standards and quality of life.

Hence, we hereby pledge to serve both the professionals and the industry by practicing right HR values and by offering services par excellence.

Mudra Women Staffing Services India:

In an attempt to “Promoting Gender Diversity and empowerment of Women”, Mudra HR, has committed to establishing a separate division “Mudra Women Staffing Services” especially to generate maximum number of employment opportunities for educated women.

Mudra HR has been inspired by the popular UNESCO slogan cited below:

“Educate a man and you educate an individual; educate a woman and you educate a family.”

Similarly, it is our considered opinion that,

“Employ a man and you pay an individual; employ a woman and you pay a family.”

We hope that our long journey of 20 years of service to the industry in talent management and corporate relations will help us in achieving our objective of generating more or equal employment opportunities for women.

We welcome employers to utilize our services in demonstrating the Principle of equal opportunity in selecting talent and help to promoting Women Empowerment. 


There are two categories:

Registered Employers: With an annual nominal fee, for registered employers we will deliver on specific tasks for a nominal service fee. This fee depends on the type of the project and required talent for the organization.

Non Registered Employers: At existing industrial/corporate rates.

Our services and fee details are mentioned in the Services page

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Dear Professionals,

As we have already explained the entire system and functioning of Mudra HR Group through website, at present, we have not provided any provision for direct enquiries. At first, we request you to go through the website and have a thorough understanding of the organization and services offered by Mudra HR and then take a decision on planning of your career. As our services are customized and focused, Mudra HR team will directly contact the candidates concerned to understand their career goals and corresponding capabilities, only after completion of the registration formalities.

With over two decades of satisfactory service to the Industry and People at large, Mudra HR has built its own brand identity and image in the field of Talent Management Services. In order to continue to enhance its reputation and brand image, Mudra HR strongly believes in continual improvement of HR practices and periodically modifies the management systems, practices and procedures with a view to keeping in tune with the modern thinking. We advise candidates desirous of planning their career growth to follow the systematic and professional approach laid down by us for availing themselves of our right advice and infallible support.

We welcome only the select professionals who are serious about planning their professional career and those who have a thorough understanding of the role of a placement agency.

Best Wishes,
Mudra HR Group