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Mudra Women Staffing Services is a talent management firm, exclusively focused on Indian women talent in an attempt for “Promoting Gender Diversity and Empowerment of Women”.

It is the brain child of “MUDRA HR NETWORK INDIA (P) Ltd.”, one of the most acclaimed HR advisory organizations in India, established in 1992 by Mr Haribabu Koneti, a management professional with rich experience in HRM from leading public sector (CMC Ltd.) and top ranking private sector companies (British Physical Laboratories Ltd and GVK group). Mudra Women Staffing Services India is based in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, offering effective HR solutions pertaining to women talent on pan India basis.

In pursuit of professional excellence and in planning our future, we do remember our past. Since the humble beginning in 1992, Mudra HR has experienced unparalleled growth through its commitment of providing high quality services to its clients. Today, we proudly represent the brand name – the MUDRA HR Group, comprising the following divisions:

  1. Mudra HR Network India
  2. Top Executives India
  3. Mudra Institute of employment guidance and training
  4. Mudra Women Staffing services India

The vision that has guided us through nearly two decades of development remains the catalyst for our future growth and success. We are committed to carrying forward our founding vision of “serving professionals and industry”. Under the leadership of Mr Haribabu Koneti, and with the support of dedicated senior management professionals, Mudra HR Group is wholly devoted to the cause of research, development and dissemination of knowledge in different areas of HR management.

In its management experience and senior leadership quality, the team has over 20 years of professional experience in Indian top corporate entities with impeccable experience in handling various HR functions and offering effective solutions.

Mudra Women Staffing Services is the first of its kind organization in India established for promoting women talent in the league of Indian organizations with a view of continuing the legacy of appropriate HR practices with personalized, dedicated and focused talent management by leveraging information technology, thereby accomplishing the given task to perfection, while enabling the client to have a dependable service partner for providing HR solutions.

Services Provided:

  • Promoting Gender Diversity!
  • Facilitating Employers in demonstrating the Principle of equal opportunity in selecting talent.
  • Helping talented women professionals in identifying the right career options.
  • Facilitating Entry-level talent with “ Employment Guidance and Training”.
  • Committed to Promoting Empowerment of Women.

Vision, Mission & Values:

Our Vision: To emerge as a dependable service partner of choice in the area of Women Executives Talent Management.
Our Mission: To become a Partner of Choice for effective HR Solutions.

  • We will deliver sustained growth through innovation and excellence in service delivery.
  • We will live up to the values of the client organization through focused actions and commitment.
  • We aim at successively achieving client satisfaction, client delight and client enthusiasm through continuous focus on quality.

Our Core Values: “S H A R P”

Service: Principals and clients, both internal & external, will be treated with consistently high standards of service.
Honesty, Integrity & Trust: These three dimensions govern our approach in everything we do, in how we deal with people, in how we take decisions and in how we run our business.
Achievement: As achievers we are goal and result oriented and we are passionate about success. We constantly challenge the status quo by being innovative and creative.
Respect: We always treat others as we would like others to treat us.
People: Happy and motivated people deliver good and desirable results. We provide an ambience where individuals and teams can perform creatively and deliver the best. We appreciate sincere efforts and reward people who give good results. We strongly believe in creating a learning organization, which encourages people to develop and advance in their careers.

Our Business Ethics:

  • We take pride in ourselves for our reputation, integrity and high ethical standards.
  • We expect our clients to be law-abiding that will enable us uphold our reputation and maintain high quality standards for providing services par excellence.

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Dear Professionals,

As we have already explained the entire system and functioning of Mudra HR Group through website, at present, we have not provided any provision for direct enquiries. At first, we request you to go through the website and have a thorough understanding of the organization and services offered by Mudra HR and then take a decision on planning of your career. As our services are customized and focused, Mudra HR team will directly contact the candidates concerned to understand their career goals and corresponding capabilities, only after completion of the registration formalities.

With over two decades of satisfactory service to the Industry and People at large, Mudra HR has built its own brand identity and image in the field of Talent Management Services. In order to continue to enhance its reputation and brand image, Mudra HR strongly believes in continual improvement of HR practices and periodically modifies the management systems, practices and procedures with a view to keeping in tune with the modern thinking. We advise candidates desirous of planning their career growth to follow the systematic and professional approach laid down by us for availing themselves of our right advice and infallible support.

We welcome only the select professionals who are serious about planning their professional career and those who have a thorough understanding of the role of a placement agency.

Best Wishes,
Mudra HR Group