About Mudra

Mudra Women Staffing Services is a talent management firm, exclusively focused on Indian women talent in an attempt to “Promoting Gender Diversity and empowerment of Women”. Read more…

Our Association

In the past two decades of journey in the service of professionals and the Industry, Mudra HR has established its own unique identity and brand equity.        Learn more…

Empowerment of Indian Women

Today, Women constitute nearly 52 per cent of the total population of India.  India has seen a powerful woman prime minister and women chief ministers of the states. But the truth is that women are still helpless in Indian society. A lot has been done by the government for women empowerment in India since independence, but Indian women still have a long way to go if  we want to call them empowered More…



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Dear Professionals,

As we have already explained the entire system and functioning of Mudra HR Group through website, at present, we have not provided any provision for direct enquiries. At first, we request you to go through the website and have a thorough understanding of the organization and services offered by Mudra HR and then take a decision on planning of your career. As our services are customized and focused, Mudra HR team will directly contact the candidates concerned to understand their career goals and corresponding capabilities, only after completion of the registration formalities.

With over two decades of satisfactory service to the Industry and People at large, Mudra HR has built its own brand identity and image in the field of Talent Management Services. In order to continue to enhance its reputation and brand image, Mudra HR strongly believes in continual improvement of HR practices and periodically modifies the management systems, practices and procedures with a view to keeping in tune with the modern thinking. We advise candidates desirous of planning their career growth to follow the systematic and professional approach laid down by us for availing themselves of our right advice and infallible support.

We welcome only the select professionals who are serious about planning their professional career and those who have a thorough understanding of the role of a placement agency.

Best Wishes,
Mudra HR Group